Briefing: Social app Love Bank removes itself from app stores

By Tony Xu
1 min read

“爱情银行”关停下架暂停一切服务:存在大量违规内容 – 36Kr

What happened: Social app Love Bank on March 25 has removed itself from all app stores under requirements established by the country’s content regulators. According to an announcement from Love Bank’s official Weibo account, the removal is the result of large amounts of “non-compliant” content in the app’s community. All services on the app, including cash withdrawal, will be suspended during the removal. Prior to the removal from app stores, Love Bank has been accused of false advertising, which promised couples RMB 1,000 (around $150) cash prizes if they check in every day for a year. The company ended up imposing increasingly difficult check-in requirements.

Why it’s important: Love Bank’s removal from app stores is the latest development in a crackdown by content regulators that began this month. From the app’s Weibo announcement, it seems that vulgar content could be the primary reason for the app’s shutdown. While it is uncertain whether the false advertising incident has anything to with the removal, it could have put the app on regulators’ radar. Also on the same day, sports commentary app Hupu disappeared from app stores. The reason for that disappearance is still unknown.