Drive I/O | Big bets on battery swap

By Jill Shen

For years, batteries have been a big turn off for prospective EV owners. They drive up the cost of the cars, making them more expensive than gas autos—and then these costly batteries wear out faster than the rest of the car, causing EVs to lose value f…

VC Roundup: No sign of tech war in China VC flows

By Wei Sheng

Recent developments in the escalating US-China tech war signal that a full technology “decoupling” between the world’s two largest economies might be inevitable. So far, new measures have stifled sectors ranging from telecommunications equipment&n…

Xiaohongshu bids to reinvent itself, again

By Emma Lee

Alibaba and Tencent rarely invest in the same startup. Xiaohongshu, the social media and e-commerce hybrid commonly regarded as China’s Instagram, is one of the few exceptions.
Joining the select ranks of industry disruptors like Didi Dache and Bilibil…