How Netease Cloud Music became a therapy platform

By Yuebai Liu

Is a company worth $65-billion the big brother China’s melancholic youngsters need? Netease thinks so. 

When popular music player Netease Cloud Music announced the launch of its “Cloud Healing Center” (yuncun zhiyusuo) in early August, users …

China’s top must-have apps: 2020

By Wang Boyuan

App of the year: Health code

Who’d have thought the app of apps, the one that defines 2020 in China would be web-based? Now in most Chinese cities, QR code-scan checkpoints are at the entrances of just about everywhere you go. There’s no getting thr…

Luckin names new chairman and CEO in power shakeup

By Emma Lee

Chinese beverage chain Luckin Coffee has named Guo Jinyi, a co-founder and the company’s acting chief executive officer as its new chairman and CEO, replacing founder and former chairman Charles Lu.

Why it matters: The power struggle in th…