China Tech Talk 83: Podcasting and why the open web is dead in China with Rio Zhan

By John Artman
1 min read

China Tech Talk is an almost weekly discussion of the most important issues in China’s tech. From IPOs to fake data, from the role of WeChat to Apple’s waning influence, hosts John Artman and Matthew Brennan interview experts and discuss the trends shaping China’s tech industry.

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At the end of 2018, Connie Chan of Andreesen Horowitz wrote about how podcasts in China monetize. However, what she calls podcasts aren’t really what we call podcasts: they’re more like paid-for educational audio content. Podcasting, like what we do at China Tech Talk, is actually still very immature in China. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t content creators following the “traditional” podcasting model.

To talk about this, we’re joined this week by Rio Zhan, early-stage VC and host of the Crazy Capital podcast. We share notes on podcasting and talk about how China’s content models have evolved away from the open web.

Key questions

  • Why is the China market different for audio content?
  • Why is the open web almost non-existent in China?
  • What role does culture play in creating acceptance of paying for content?
  • How might Facebook’s Libra enable monetization for Western podcasts?





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