Briefing: Shanghai road accidents increase along with delivery demand

By Emma Lee
1 min read

上半年上海快递、外卖行业交通事故325起 饿了么占34.2% – Sina Finance

What happened: Shanghai authorities announced on Saturday that there has been total of 325 traffic accidents involving parcel and food delivery drivers in the first half of 2019 resulting in five deaths and 324 injured. Couriers working for food delivery companies like, Meituan, grocery chain Freshippo, and SF Express are responsible for more than 80% of these accidents, according to data released by the Shanghai police. The number of accidents has increased significantly from 117 for all of 2017.

Why it’s important: China’s home delivery boom has triggered a surge in road accidents as deliverymen rush to meet time limits. Major platforms like and Meituan usually promise consumers 30-minute delivery times. On-time deliveries and good customer reviews translate into higher pay for each order. The road safety of delivery drivers, most of whom ride electric scooters, attracted the attention of Shanghai’s municipal authorities beginning in 2017 when the country’s internet giants were warned to obey the traffic laws.