Briefing: Kuaishou aims for 300 million users in effort to revitalize ranks

By Tony Xu
1 min read

快手创始人发内部信:2020年春节前冲刺3亿DAU – 36Kr

What happened: Short video app Kuaishou plans to optimize its organizational structure and speed up the product refinement process to boost growth, with the goal of reaching 300 million daily active users (DAU) before Spring Festival of 2020, 36Kr reported, a major holiday which will fall in late January. Co-founders Su Hua and Cheng Yixiao expressed in an internal letter their dissatisfaction with the company’s loose structure and sluggishness among employees. In May, the vice president of the app announced 200 million DAU.

Why it’s important: Kuaishou has seen substantial growth since the start of 2019, increasing its DAU by approximately 40 million in the first five months of the year. However, compared with its major competitor Bytedance, which has dozens of products with a combined MAU of 1 billion, Kuaishou has made very limited progress in terms of new products. While boosting the DAU of Kuaishou’s flagship product won’t resolve this issue, it could still help Kuaishou grow its share of the live-streaming and short video market.