Briefing: Douyin partners with six film companies on movie promotions

By Tony Xu
1 min read

抖音携手六大影视公司,推出视界计划助力电影宣发 – Douyin

What happened: Short video app Douyin announced a strategic partnership named “Project Vision” on Apr. 19 with six Chinese film companies to better promote their movies, including Edko Films, Wanda Media, Alibaba Pictures, Beijing Enlight Media, New Classics Media, and Emperor Motion Pictures. The partnership, which will include more than 40 movies in the upcoming year, includes promotional efforts such as movie-related short video challenges and in-app events that use movie soundtracks.

Why it’s important: The partnership could help the film companies leverage Douyin’s massive user base—self-reported daily user figures reached 250 million as of end-2018—to reach younger demographics. The use of Douyin as a promotional tool could also further expand the short video app’s influence in the entertainment landscape. However, it may be difficult to measure the impact of such promotions on people’s willingness to go to cinemas.