Briefing: China’s new logistics rules ban data withholding

By Emma Lee
1 min read

电商与快递数据共享有新规 顺丰菜鸟互怼案例难再现 – 21jingji

What happened: China’s State Post Bureau and Ministry of Commerce jointly issued on Wednesday a set of new rules on data management to encourage data sharing between e-commerce platforms and logistics service providers. The rules bar companies from blocking competitor data, thus preventing users from freely choosing services. The rules also reinforce real-name registration for e-commerce orders, a requirement which came into effect last year.

Why it’s important: Competition between logistics units backed by e-commerce platforms and pure play couriers is intensifying and data is a key area of conflict. A data war between courier giant SF Express and Alibaba Group-backed Cainiao Smart Logistics Network erupted in June 2017 after they each cut the other out from accessing delivery data and began forcing partners to choose sides. The current rule aims to prevent such conflict from happening again.