Is WeChat losing its appeal to luxury brand marketers?

By Emma Lee

The world of WeChat marketing is changing. For years, the super app was the alpha and omega of digital marketing in China, with more than a billion monthly active users and a whole industry’s worth of supporting services. But as user growth plateaus an…

WeChat to support Covid-19 Global Hackathon

By Suzanne Loo

WeChat, China’s most used social platform, announced on Wednesday that it is partnering with major technology platforms including Devpost, Facebook and Microsoft to invite developers to a global hackathon in order to help the fight against the coronavi…

Qingdao is using WeChat for vouchers to boost spending

By Wei Sheng

A district government in the eastern Chinese city of Qingdao has started distributing coupons to citizens via instant-messaging app WeChat as the country pushes to increase consumption.

Why it matters: While cities in eastern China such as Nanj…

WeChat adding dark mode to iOS

By Emma Lee

Mar 10, 20202 min read (Image credit: Technode)

Chinese super app WeChat is adding a dark mode option to its iOS version, finally bringing the the long-anticipated feature to iPhone users. 

Why it matters: The news drew widespread public …