US Wechat ban will mean more than lost connections

By Frankie Huang


Frankie Huang was born in Beijing and raised in New Jersey. She is a freelance writer, illustrator, and strategist based in Boston. Her work explores feminism, diaspora identity, and social issues.

“I never believed or worried…

China sets the rules for its new data economy

By Camille Boullenois

The Chinese government has long pursued a security-centered approach to data. Key regulations such as the Cybersecurity and Encryption Laws place national security at the core of its data legislation objectives. The main goals so far have been to preve…

INSIDER | How my school built its own health code system

By Weiqi Liu

Like most students in China, I had a very long winter vacation. My university shut down completely at the end of January, when Covid-19 lockdowns began, and students were forbidden to return to campus for months.

China has been extra careful about…