Start-ups and incumbents battle for China’s meatless future

By He Mu

Jun 12, 20194 min read A supermarket advertises produce in Shanghai on March 22, 2019. (Image credit: TechNode/Cassidy McDonald)This article was co-authored by Lucía Wei He.
According to a widely cited estimate by the OECD and UN Food and Agricultur…

Confucius in Shenzhen: a classical view of AI

By Eliza Gritsi

Jun 11, 20194 min read (Image credit: Bigstock/Freer Law)Confucius felt truly conflicted. He had watched humans spark the engine of the first train and boot the first computer, but nothing had given him such chills of uncertainty as watching them ra…

What ever happened to Luckin’s Yang Fei?

By Michael Norris

Jun 10, 20193 min read Luckin CMO Yang Fei (Image credit: Luckin)As Luckin Coffee gets its start on the NASDAQ, there’s a conspicuous absence in its corporate filings and press conferences. Yang Fei, Luckin’s CMO and one of the key architects of Luc…