Gaming giant Netease to list in Hong Kong on June 11

By Emma Lee

Chinese tech giant Netease announced its long-anticipated Hong Kong listing on Tuesday, offering a detailed plan for its debut on June 11.

Why it matters: Netease will be the second US-listed Chinese tech giant to launch a secondary listing on …

Sony’s Playstation Store suspends services in China

By Wei Sheng

Japanese gaming giant Sony suspended services for its Chinese Playstation Store on Sunday for “system security reasons.”

Why it matters: China is stepping up regulations on foreign games. The suspension follows orders from authorities to r…

Tencent, Huawei are partnering on a cloud gaming platform

By Wei Sheng

Tencent has signed a deal with Huawei to set up a laboratory to develop a cloud gaming platform, the Chinese gaming giant said in a statement Friday.

Why it matters: Tencent is the world’s largest gaming company and it is actively building up cloud …

Tencent targets Bytedance as Q4 profits miss the mark

By Lavender Au

Chinese gaming and entertainment giant Tencent reported fourth quarter revenues which exceeded expectations though profits fell short, and it categorized the hit that Covid-19 has dealt to its businesses as “short-term.”

Why it matters: Tencent…