US regulator is investigating Iqiyi for financial fraud

By Wei Sheng

Chinese video-streaming platform Iqiyi said Thursday that it is under investigation by US authorities over a short report released in April which accused the company of inflating 2019 revenue by up to 40%.

Why it matters: US regulators are more acti…

Techwar: Tiktok US ban may include app stores, ads

By Savannah Billman

Troubles for Tiktok in the US could be bigger than anticipated: a White House document Reuters saw indicated that the August 6 executive order could prohibit US-based app stores including Apple and Google from listing the app altogether, while a French…

8 things to know about the Chinese tech giant behind Tiktok

By Wei Sheng

Everyone’s talking about Tiktok, the hot short video app that has been thrust into the global spotlight on the back of an emerging US-China cold war. But outside China, few people know about Bytedance, the elusive tech unicorn behind one of the world’s…