Xpeng, Li Auto face quality concerns after car fires

By Jill Shen

Vehicle fires involving electric cars from Xpeng and Li Auto are sparking quality concerns a year after a series of blazes involving Tesla and Nio cars drew widespread media attention.

Why it matters: The incidents come just as Xpeng Motors and…

Nio shares fall after Q2 earnings on battery swap doubts

By Jill Shen

Shares for Chinese electric vehicle maker Nio fell 8.6% on Tuesday after the company posted better-than-expected gross profits for the second quarter amid concerns over the long-term scalability of its ambitious battery-swap program.

These second-qu…

Drive I/O | The untold story of Li Auto

By Jill Shen

Founded by a titan in China’s entrepreneurial community and backed by a battle-hardened internet billionaire, on July 30 Li Auto became the second Chinese new energy vehicle (NEV) maker to list on an American stock market after its $1.1 billion Nasdaq …