Alibaba is the top global blockchain patent holder

By Eliza Gkritsi

Alibaba and its mobile payment affiliate Alipay together hold the highest number of blockchain patents worldwide, though China lags significantly behind the US.

Why it matters: The results of a study by the China Patent Protection Association indica…

India shoots itself in the foot with app ban

By Hamsini Hariharan

While privacy and security of Chinese technology have been sources of concern for the Indian government, it was the recent border tensions that triggered Monday’s app ban. After reports of the deaths of 20 soldiers, right-wing activists called for the …

India moves to block access to banned Chinese apps

By Wei Sheng

The top telecommunications regulator in India has asked telecom operators and internet service providers to block local user access to the 59 Chinese apps banned on Monday, local newspaper Telangana Today reported Wednesday.

Why it matters…