Xiaohongshu – the death of a dream

By Will Clegg

Aug 8, 20195 min read A user opens the Xiaohongshu app. (Image credit: TechNode/Eugene Tang)January 2019. I was incredibly bullish on Xiaohongshu (XHS).
The platform seemed to have it all: fresh investment from one of the biggest internet companies …

INSIGHTS | Idiots with a database

By John Artman

Aug 6, 20195 min read Scan headlines from the last few months and you’d be forgiven for thinking that China’s Big Brother project is almost complete: cameras everywhere, facial recognition databases, and a punitive social credit system. Not only is …

INSIGHTS | The power of prurient pleasure

By John Artman

Aug 2, 20195 min read A blurred out porn site. (Image Credit: BigStock/Volodymyr P)Let’s face it: Pornography is becoming mainstream.
Around the world, adult content is available in almost any medium you can imagine (and perhaps some you couldn’t 😉….