How luxury brands engage customers through WeChat

By Emma Lee

Aug 15, 20193 min read Man holds Oneplus 6 with WeChat app on the screen. (Image credit: BigStock)China is a unique market. For luxury brands, a WeChat-focused strategy is a crucial step to gaining a foothold.
While China’s social landscape is compl…

Huawei targeted for implying Taiwan is not part of China

By Wei Sheng

Aug 14, 20191 min read Posts with the hashtag #HuaweiGetoutofChina on Weibo (Image credit: TechNode)Huawei has become the latest brand to face public outcry in China after internet users spotted that the Chinese handset giant listed Taiwan as a sepa…

Forced smiles at Huawei as pressure mounts

By Wei Sheng

Jul 31, 20194 min read Liang Hua, chairman of Huawei, at a news conference at company headquarters in Shenzhen on July 30, 2019. (Image credit: TechNode/Shi Jiayi)Huawei put on a brave face for the cameras on Tuesday at a carefully planned event to …