VIDEO | TechNode visits a Nio battery swap station

By Jill Shen

This week, I looked at battery swap technology for TechNode’s Drive I/O newsletter. Two Chinese electric vehicle (EV) companies, Nio and BAIC, are betting big on cars with batteries you can change instead of charging. It’s an ambitious idea—it could so…

Drive I/O | Big bets on battery swap

By Jill Shen

For years, batteries have been a big turn off for prospective EV owners. They drive up the cost of the cars, making them more expensive than gas autos—and then these costly batteries wear out faster than the rest of the car, causing EVs to lose value f…

Nio names new head of self-driving unit

By Jill Shen

Chinese electric vehicle maker Nio has quietly hired a Chinese computer vision expert to lead its self-driving unit following the June departure of Jamie Carlson, its tech lead since early 2016.

Why it matters: The management change comes as Nio wor…

Nio shares fall after Q2 earnings on battery swap doubts

By Jill Shen

Shares for Chinese electric vehicle maker Nio fell 8.6% on Tuesday after the company posted better-than-expected gross profits for the second quarter amid concerns over the long-term scalability of its ambitious battery-swap program.

These second-qu…