WeChat tests short-video feature in challenge to TikTok

By Wei Sheng

Jan 22, 20202 min read WeChat is testing a new feature that allows users to post videos to an audience beyond their social circles in a bid to boost user engagement as competition from rivals Douyin and Kuaishou intensifies.
Why it matters: WeChat h…

Chinese tech firms brace for impact from coronavirus

By Emma Lee

Jan 22, 20202 min read (Image credit: Big Stock/ Tom Wang)
Chinese technology majors are scrambling to prepare for a public health crisis stemming from a deadly strain of coronavirus that is beginning to spread across the country ahead of a major ho…

Chinese EV battery maker confirms talks with Volkswagen

By Jill Shen

Jan 21, 20202 min read Stephan Wöllenstein, Volkswagen Group China Chief Executive spoke at Guangzhou Auto Show In November, 2019. (Image credit: Volkswagen AG)
Guoxuan High-tech, a Chinese electric vehicle battery maker, has confirmed it is in disc…