India widens China app ban to Baidu and Weibo

By Savannah Billman

Chinese search engine Baidu Search and social media platform Weibo were blocked by internet service providers and removed from Google and Apple app stores in India on Tuesday, the latest of the total 106 total Chinese apps shut down in the country in r…

China sets the rules for its new data economy

By Camille Boullenois

The Chinese government has long pursued a security-centered approach to data. Key regulations such as the Cybersecurity and Encryption Laws place national security at the core of its data legislation objectives. The main goals so far have been to preve…

Zoom will be local version-only for Chinese users

By Emma Lee

Video-chat service Zoom will stop offering direct services to users based in China, although it will still be accessible through the company’s local partners.

Why it matters: Zoom, the US-based company founded by Chinese-born Eric Yuan, has bee…