8 things to know about the Chinese tech giant behind Tiktok

By Wei Sheng

Everyone’s talking about Tiktok, the hot short video app that has been thrust into the global spotlight on the back of an emerging US-China cold war. But outside China, few people know about Bytedance, the elusive tech unicorn behind one of the world’s…

Apple freezes updates for unlicensed games in China

By Wei Sheng

Apple has frozen updates of mobile games that didn’t provide gaming licenses from Chinese regulators. The move came after a “loophole” used by foreign game makers to bypass China’s strict gaming regulations was closed by Apple at the end of June.


Netease shares jump 8% in Hong Kong debut

By Wei Sheng

Shares of Chinese internet and gaming company Netease jumped 8.1% as they began trading in Hong Kong on Thursday. The company is one of a number of US-listed Chinese tech firms to pursue a second listing in Hong Kong.

Why it matters: The strong…