Tiktok is the target of yet another data privacy probe

By Wei Sheng

A Dutch privacy regulator said Friday it would investigate how short video app Tiktok handles the data of teenagers and children on the platform, Reuters is reporting.

Why it matters:The popular social media app, owned by Beijing-based Bytedanc…

China tech faces double compliance challenge in Europe

By Min-Si Wang

Chinese tech firms such as Huawei and Bytedance have developed their global presence through aggressive R&D and physical presence in the European Union (EU). Huawei, for instance, filed the highest number of patents in 2017 out of any company in th…

INSIGHTS | Can Europe copy China’s health code?

By Eliza Gkritsi

Decentralized or centralized? Bluetooth or geolocation? Control quarantines or alert people to infection risk? Store data for one month or six? There are many questions that need answers to build an app-based system to manage the Covid-19 pandemic and …