Netease Cloud Music joins Alibaba customer-loyalty program

By Emma Lee

Netease Cloud Music announced Wednesday that it will offer its music streaming services to members of 88VIP program, a customer loyalty scheme by Alibaba.

Why it matters: Alibaba has been building out its ecosystem through new partnerships with oth…

Small girl, big stomach: Backstage with a mukbang star

By Shi Jiayi

The three of us could barely finish a small pot—but Mini ordered a large one, enough for four people. Then she ordered five more. After ordering, she sat at a big table, waiting for her food as her camera crew set up the equipment. 

[embedded …

China’s top must-have apps: 2020

By Wang Boyuan

App of the year: Health code

Who’d have thought the app of apps, the one that defines 2020 in China would be web-based? Now in most Chinese cities, QR code-scan checkpoints are at the entrances of just about everywhere you go. There’s no getting thr…