TikTok, Douyin user spending increased five-fold in 2019

By Tony Xu

Jan 17, 20201 min read TikTok logo. (Image credit: Bigstock / bigtunaonline)TikTok and Chinese version Douyin grossed nearly $177 million in user spending in 2019, more than five times the revenue it earned in 2018, according to analytics firm Senso…

The Chinese startup taking photoshop out of the dating game

By Tony Xu

Jan 16, 20202 min read Screenshot of Soul App. (Image Credit: TechNode)Apps that use photos and location have long dominated the online dating market in China and the world over. Now startup Soul App is rewriting the playbook, allowing the country’s…

WeChat rolls out paywall feature for official accounts

By Wei Sheng

Jan 15, 20202 min read  WeChat announced Wednesday it is testing a new feature which allows publishers on the social media app to add paywalls to their posts.
Why it matters: WeChat is becoming one of the few online content platforms in China t…