Small girl, big stomach: Backstage with a mukbang star

By Shi Jiayi

The three of us could barely finish a small pot—but Mini ordered a large one, enough for four people. Then she ordered five more. After ordering, she sat at a big table, waiting for her food as her camera crew set up the equipment. 

[embedded …

Bitmain battle: the fight is back on

By Eliza Gkritsi

In the latest installment of the Bitmain saga, formerly ousted, recently reinstated co-founder Zhan Ketuan may be selling the company’s Beijing office just months after he forcibly gained control of the company’s mainland headquarters, according to Chi…

Beijing unveils plan for blockchain-based government

By Eliza Gkritsi

The local government of Beijing released on Thursday a blueprint of its plan to implement a blockchain-based programmable government.

Why it matters: This is the first time China’s capital city has laid out details of how it will implement blockchai…