Meituan blocks payment via Alipay as rivalry intensifies

By Emma Lee

Chinese online to offline giant Meituan has suspended Alibaba-backed payment tool Alipay as a payment option for some users on its services super app.

Why it matters: While not the first time it has suspended Alipay payments, Meituan’s move highligh…

Mini programs are the new mobile app growth driver: report

By Emma Lee

Mini programs are an increasingly important growth driver for apps, functioning as an entry point for Chinese mobile users to access online services, according to a recent report on Chinese internet trends in the first half of the year.

Why it matte…

INSIGHTS | The apps you need in China, in 2017 and today

By Wang Boyuan

Reader, we’re going a little meta this week. Way back in 2017, in TechNode’s bloggier days, the site published a listicle called “Top 15 apps you need for living in China.” This piece became one of our best-performing posts of all time. Three year…