China’s top must-have apps: 2020

By Wang Boyuan

App of the year: Health code

Who’d have thought the app of apps, the one that defines 2020 in China would be web-based? Now in most Chinese cities, QR code-scan checkpoints are at the entrances of just about everywhere you go. There’s no getting thr…

INSIGHTS | The apps you need in China, in 2017 and today

By Wang Boyuan

Reader, we’re going a little meta this week. Way back in 2017, in TechNode’s bloggier days, the site published a listicle called “Top 15 apps you need for living in China.” This piece became one of our best-performing posts of all time. Three year…

Ban on Tiktok will cost ByteDance $6 billion: report

By Wang Boyuan

According to the Paper (in Chinese), a source close to Bytedance says that the Chinese media giant behind Tiktok expects to suffer $6 billion in losses over India’s ban on Chinese apps. Bytedance products TikTok, Helo, and Vigo Video are all listed.