CHINA VOICES | Carnage for Chinese tech stocks

By Heather Mowbray

This week, our friends at Ran Caijing bring you an eye-opening look into the effects of the Covid-19 outbreak on Chinese tech stocks. Turns out the hardest hits were to US-listed companies, while the few firms listed at home on China’s STAR Board …

CHINA VOICES | How Alibaba made it through SARS

By Heather Mowbray

Feb 18, 20206 min read (Image credit: Huashang Taolue)

For Alibaba, Covid-19 isn’t its first encounter with epidemic. This week, TechNode’s translation column looks back at China’s last great epidemic, bringing you the story of how Alibaba launch…

CHINA VOICES | ‘Let the 5G bullet fly’

By Heather Mowbray

Nov 19, 20196 min read A few weeks after 5G’s commercial rollout, a skyscraper over Shenzhen’s Huaqiangbei electronics district is illuminated to read ‘Green Environment 5G.’ (Image credit: TechNode/David Cohen)5G has arrived, in case you hadn’t not…